4 Steps To Creating An Accessible Storage Unit You Can Actually Use


For many families, placing items in a storage unit also involves having to access those items later on. But, placing things into and removing them from a storage unit on a regular basis can be an exercise in chaos and frustration. 

How can you avoid this problem? Here are a few steps to creating an accessible storage space that will make your life easier.

Rent Larger. To be able to move around freely within the storage unit, be sure to rent one that's a little larger than you expect to actually need. This gives you space to walk as well as the ability to avoid stacking bins or boxes too high. If you have enough room, it's a good idea to create a small, empty work space near the door too. 

Create Aisles. Create room to maneuver by using masking tape on the floor to delineate a walking space throughout the area. If the storage unit is small, you may only need one aisle from the door to the rear of the unit. However, if the space is large, you may want to begin with a perimeter all the way around the walls. Then, add one or more aisles in the center as well. Be sure you can easily reach everything while standing in the aisle. 

Use Similar Sizes. Having a mix-and-match set of boxes and containers will make it harder to stack them well and to keep things in place. Instead, look for boxes that are more uniform in size. You may want to limit the size options to two or three. Try to place as much as possible into the boxes rather than leaving bulky or oddly-shaped things out on their own. 

Label Well. Finally, be sure that you use a labeling system during packing and preparation. The system doesn't need to be complex, but it should include clear labels placed on more than one side of each container. Place bins so that the labels are visible as you walk along your prepared aisles. You may also want to use some kind of grouping system as a master label. You could group items by the room they came from, their purpose, their seasonal use, or different family members. 

By following these few steps as you pack your belongings and prepare the storage unit, you'll end up with a space that you can comfortably work in for as long as you need to. Contact a facility, like Safegard Self Storage, for more help.


10 January 2018

storage units for storing your business items

I made a difficult decision to leave the company that I was working for and start a small home interior design business of my own. Since I had limited space in my apartment, I had to find a place to keep all of the things that I needed to present my clients with the ideas that I had come up with. How did I find the space that I needed - I found a storage facility close to my apartment. My storage unit is organized and set up in a way that I can find what I need and can store more than I need for my business.