How To Store Summer Items In Fall Storage Units


What do you need to know about fall self-storage planning? Even though the weather is still warm, take a look at the top questions first-time renters have about storage units, packing and prep, and the fall season.

What Should You Store in the Fall?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. Different storage unit renters have different fall storage needs. While you may have mountains of out-of-season items to store, someone else may prefer to use their rental unit for items they could use year-round. If you're not sure what to store, consider:

  • What summer items won't you use in the fall? Children's pool toys, beach towels, bathing suits, flip flops, and tank tops won't get much use in the fall. These types of summer use-only picks are perfect candidates for fall storage.
  • What other seasonal items won't you use in the fall? Along with summer selections, you also won't need Christmas lights, an Easter wreath, or other winter and spring items.
  • What will you use in the fall? Some seemingly seasonal items aren't only for summer, winter, or spring use. You may want to wait before you store in-between temperature types of clothing, some sports equipment, and gardening/yard tools.

Now that you know what to store, it's time to move on to the next step and pack.

How Should You Pack and Prep for Fall Storage?

The fall weather presents some challenges for storage. Even though you won't need to worry about your belongings after they're safely tucked into the rental unit, you do need to consider transportation-related issues. Before you move summer items into fall storage:

  • Choose the right containers. Plastic bins are sturdy and weather-proof. These containers will keep fall rain away from your summer-time items.
  • Choose the right moving day. If possible, pick a move-in day with a dry weather forecast. Even though most fall days are temperate, it's possible for a summer-like feel. Avoid excessively hot days. The high temperature will add stress and strain to your storage move.
  • Choose the right packing supplies. Plastic bins aren't the only supplies you'll need. Protective cushioning (such as bubble wrap or towels) is always necessary for delicate storage items. You may also need a tarp or plastic sheeting to keep autumn rain off larger items.

With your summer stash carefully packed, you're ready to move everything into the self-storage facility. Before you bring bins or bags into the storage unit, label everything with the items inside and the season category.


19 August 2020

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