How To Prepare Your Window AC Unit For Storage


If you live in a small home with very little storage, then it may be in your best interest to rent a self storage unit to store your summer things during the winter months. One of the largest items you should think about storing properly is your air conditioning window unit. To store the item properly and to keep it safe and in good condition throughout the winter, follow the tips below.

Clean the Inside

While it is wise to use soap, water, and a scrub brush to clean the exterior of your air conditioner before storing it, many people forget to clean the interior of the device. Unfortunately, the inside of an air conditioner can easily build up mold and mildew spores due to the condensation within the unit. If the mold is not removed, it can continue to grow or fly into the air as you jostle the unit as you store it. While most molds are considered allergenic fungi that cause issues only if you have an allergy to it, some molds that can build in the home and in an air conditioner are considered pathogenic or toxigenic. These fungi can cause extreme respiratory responses as well as immune system disturbances. Removing mold before it can continue to form in storage and possibly transfer to your lungs is a good idea. This is especially true since self storage spaces tend to hold moisture and heat in the spring before you are likely to retrieve the device.

To clean the inside of the air conditioner, remove the front cover by releasing the screws or the tabs that hold it in place. Remove the filter from the unit and place it in your sink. Use the hose attachment of your vacuum to clean the debris from the inside of the unit. Afterwards, fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and gently spritz the entire inside of the unit. Make sure to avoid the motor housing and any wires that you see to prevent damage. Allow the vinegar to sit for about 15 minutes. Vinegar does not kill bacteria and fungi on contact. It takes a few minutes for it to work. Use a rag to gently wipe down the inside of the unit. Rinse the filter with water and gently spray it with vinegar as well. Allow the filter to dry completely before returning it to the main unit. 

Add a Cover

After you clean your air conditioner, it is a good idea to make sure that you place a cover over it. Not only will this keep the unit clean and free of pest damage, but it will keep oxygen from coming into contact with the inside of the device so that fungi cannot grow if any spores are left behind. However, you will need to make sure that you do not trap water inside the air conditioner first. Allow the air conditioner to dry for several days after cleaning it and also slip a small desiccant package or a piece of moisture absorbing charcoal inside the air conditioner.

Afterwards, purchase an insulated air conditioner cover for your unit. This will help with protection. You do not have to worry much about cold temperatures affecting the unit, because the freon and the other refrigerants used in most air conditioner units will not freeze. However, you do need to be careful not to allow the refrigerant to pool inside the compressor. You can avoid this problem by storing the air conditioner in an upright position when you are ready.

If you want to store your window air conditioner during the off season, then make sure to prepare it properly before setting it in your self storage space. This way you can be sure that you will be able to use the device as soon as the temperatures turn warm again. 


29 December 2015

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