Learn What Can Happen If You Do Not Make Your Storage Unit Rental Payments On Time


When you rent a storage facility, it is important to make sure that you adhere to the rules of the facility. When you sign up for a unit, the facility will have a lease agreement that you will need to sign. The agreement will state what the rules for the facility are. The following guide walks you through what can happen if you do not abide by the rules or if you fail to make your payments on time.

The Facility Can Put a Separate Lock on Your Unit Until the Rent Is Paid

If the rent is not paid on time, the facility may put their own lock on the door so that you cannot gain access to the items stored inside of the locker. This is to ensure that they get the money that they are owed by you. If you try to cut the lock off of the door, the facility could call the police and have you arrested.

The Facility Can Auction Off Your Belongings

If you do not pay the bill for the unit within the specific time listed on the agreement that you signed when you rented the storage locker, the facility can hold an auction and sell your belongings to try to recoup some of the money that they lost when you did not pay for the unit. You will not be able to get any of your items back and the person who buys the locker can do whatever they want with them.

The Facility Can Bill You for Clean Up of the Locker

If no one buys the locker at an auction, the facility can clean out the locker and throw everything away. They can then send you a bill for the amount that they had to pay someone to clean it out on top of the money that you owe them for the unit rental.

The facility will contact you when they do not receive payment for the unit. This will give you an opportunity to make the payments before your belongings are sold or tossed in the trash. It is best to pay for the unit each and every month so that you do not have to keep up with how long you have to pay before they seize your possessions. There are some facilities that can automatically bill you each month and take the money out of your account without you having to do anything. This is a great way to ensure that your bills are always paid and you can always gain access to your belongings when you need to.

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12 July 2017

storage units for storing your business items

I made a difficult decision to leave the company that I was working for and start a small home interior design business of my own. Since I had limited space in my apartment, I had to find a place to keep all of the things that I needed to present my clients with the ideas that I had come up with. How did I find the space that I needed - I found a storage facility close to my apartment. My storage unit is organized and set up in a way that I can find what I need and can store more than I need for my business.