Analyze Important Details To Pick A Storage Unit That Satisfies Your Needs


Whether you live in a rural, suburban, or urban area, you can likely find storage facilities with available units without a problem. However, you may not know what to look for regarding features and qualities to maximize the chance of a positive experience. Analyzing several important details is your best bet for renting a self-storage unit that satisfies all your demands.

Ceiling Height

While looking at different storage facilities, you may notice a lot of the same unit sizes. Although these units will be the same length and width, you will find ceiling height differences. This can make an impact on how much total storage you get from each unit.

Prioritizing units with taller ceilings is a smart plan because you can fit in more belongings. The main obstacle to using this extra space is coming up with a strategic stacking plan. An easy option is to pick up tall shelving units that allow you to store items all the way to the ceiling.

When storing items near the ceiling, you will benefit from getting a tall step stool to reach everything at the highest level safely.


Looking at all the offered dimensions for storage units will give you an idea of how much you can store inside each one. However, you may not be able to accurately visualize the amount of space that you get with a 5x5 storage unit or a 5x10 storage unit, for example. An effective strategy is to measure a unit's dimensions inside your home to learn how much space you get exactly.

After measuring out this space, you can start to put furniture, boxes, and items inside to determine whether it will be large enough for your needs. An important detail to consider is whether you want to disassemble furniture pieces because this can help you reduce space.


Storage facilities will offer different features, such as pest control, indoor units, and outdoor units. An outdoor unit is comfortable and easy to use in a mild climate. You do not have to worry about being in extreme temperatures while going through stored belongings. An indoor, climate-controlled unit is worth prioritizing if you are worried about the temperature.

Getting pest control for your unit can give you peace of mind that you will return to everything in good condition after weeks or months.

Analyzing these details is a great way to find a storage unit that works for your needs.


15 October 2021

storage units for storing your business items

I made a difficult decision to leave the company that I was working for and start a small home interior design business of my own. Since I had limited space in my apartment, I had to find a place to keep all of the things that I needed to present my clients with the ideas that I had come up with. How did I find the space that I needed - I found a storage facility close to my apartment. My storage unit is organized and set up in a way that I can find what I need and can store more than I need for my business.